Saturday, June 11, 2011

amazing holiday and bad back home

Hello, lovely! 
Yesterday I went back home. What can I say? My vacation was wonderful. I met many very interesting people, because of which I still do not want to leave a wonderful place.They say that home is still better than anywhere else. I can safely say that it is not. I feel good where I am surrounded by good and loving people with whom to spend time wondering. In Egypt, for these sixteen days, I began to have such people, I love them. I should note that the sea was very classy. Weather happy about every day. I am a person in need of excellent weather, and not one that happens in St. Petersburg. In Egypt, people wear shorts and t-shirts all year round. 
Back home, I suffered a terrible mood. And I do not know how to handle this. I need time to get used to the atmosphere of St. Petersburg and lifestyle.
Guys, thanks for those amazing days. I never let them forget it.

P.S. Photos will come later.

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