Thursday, March 31, 2011

New jacket

Look at my new jacket. Bought it in Finland in h&m. I can not stop to rejoice when I see it. It seems to be good with jeans and a  sneakersI love it. It's nice to have cost only 10 euros.

Riot of color

Because of the long winter on the streets of Russia is dominated by a boring color.Such as black and gray. Colors are definitely not enough! Spring, hopefully soon, will come to Russia. And the soul needs the brightness. Russian people are accustomed to, it is more convenient and more comfortable in things that do not emit you from the crowd. Simply because to dress simply, a gray and run to work. You need to put an end to the time when black predominated in cloakrooms most daring fashionistas. Came the era of color. Fashion-blogger with a camera at the ready announced the hunt for a stylish and brightly dressed people. Latter-day ladies, hide in the closet all dark clothes, let's give our world in bright colors. 
Be inspired!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30 march 2011

Hello! How was your day
I had a terrible day, which thankfully ends. Day of school was extremely difficult, is oftenon Wednesdays, so also the first day of school after the holidaysIn the early days the mood was spoiled when they said that there will be two classes of chemistry today. Tomorrow, the first two lessons, exact same chemistryOur teacher is also a director of our school, whose duties include responsibility for the conduct of various activities. In this regard, it is often excommunicated from the lessons. In any spare time she is ready to spend an extra lesson

How did I was glad to return home from schoolSee you later. Kisses, Alina. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

29 march 2011

Hey, bloggers! How do you spend today? I'm a little sad day, because today we came to an end 12 days of school holidaysI am saddened by the weather and what I'll be back to school
I have not updated the blog yesterday, because I absolutely did not have time to do this. Early this morning I went to Finland. From my city of Lappeenranta about 3 hours drive away. It seems that this is not enough. For me it was a long way. The reason forall that swayed me in traffic. We bought a huge amount of food, tasty stuff, and some of the clothes for meI will show you all the new clothes and shoes. Just not today. Now I need to sleep, tomorrow is waiting for me early rise. Tomorrow I promise to show all. 
In the mean time, some photos of Lappeenranta. 
Kisses, Alina.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

27 march 2011

Hello! How are you doing
I want to share with you. Tonight, the last time Russia moved to summer time, that is clock moved one hour forward. This means that now we will sleep an hour less, but due to thefact that the school holidays now, this does not impact on my health. I do not know whether this is good or bad.

I often think about how I want to get to her room. Going to make it repairHere are some pictures that I like. What a pity that my room is so small in size.

My new bag

Today in the town I saw this wonderful bag and could not not buy it. I've been looking for something like this
It has good color and shape. It is well suited to carry books to school and for walks.

26 march 2011

Hello, my lovely bloggers! In my city, winter lasts for six months. You know, it's just awful. My body is completely exhausted with no warm sunlight. The last days of sunshine during the day, but it isquite warm! The temperature barely rises to 0 degrees. I'm just tired. Form of snow, which comes every night and do not have time to melt makes me angry. I hope that soon the weather will get better and my status changes.
Now I want to know how was your day Tell me, I hope you are all well and weatherpleases you.

Look what curls I gotI made ​​them last night.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

25 march 2011

Hello, bloggers! I'm sorry for the bad update today. It was difficult day. In the morning the sun shone. I decided that the beginning of the warm spring days can not be performed at home, so went to town with his friend. Burnt by the long walk,we ate lunch at a cafeThe remainder of the day I spent at home. Towards evening on the street cold, and asthe sun ceases to shine. Unfortunately, this weather will last until early next month.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

student 2011

I want to share advice about dress for prom. If you are graduating from the school in this year you need to think about your outfit. Before the end of your study is a few months. Personally i finish school next year. End of school - on of the best days in the lifeof each girls. 

Veliky Novgorod

Last week seleral people from my class were in Veliky Novgorod. I will not have many written about this trip. I can say only i don't regret it. The weather was good and sunny. City was very beautiful, wich created the people in ancient time.

24 march 2011

Good morning! Today the sun is shining. Thermometer shows 5 degrees in the shade. This is very good thing, bacause finally coming spring. 
Today i have many important things that must be done. One of them is a good breakfast - yogurt and granola. Then i will have to spend my day for making homework from school.

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